Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stereotyping and Prejudice against Older Persons
Edited by Todd D. Nelson

"Although researchers have paid a great deal of attention to racism and sexism, there has been a dearth of research on ageism. A major reason for this neglect is that age prejudice is still considered socially acceptable. As baby boomers approach retirement age, however, there has been increased academic and popular interest in aging. This volume presents the current thinking on age stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination by researchers in gerontology, psychology, sociology, and communication"

I read the sample chapters online of this is very interesting if you are researching or wanting to just know more about ageism; especially here in America.  This book not only looks at recent research in ageism, but also has some chapters on how to 'stop' or reduce ageism.  I am not too sure that will ever be the case.  If you look at other countries, they embrace the elderly; definitely treated differently than here in America.  There has been an increase interest in ageism but bringing it out in the public and trying to get the word out doesn't seem to be changing the way America views the elderly.  This book was published in 2004 and it seems not much improvement has been made since then. 

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